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Get ready to relax!
What is the
"Wash House?"

Here's the story...

Our Wash House is a place to relax, kick back, and let 

your stylist treat you to the perfect pampering experience.  Come on, you deserve it!  When we are done, your hair will feel fresh 

and healthy....and your state of mind, even BETTER!  

Please ask your stylist to discuss your requirements 




Lemon - Aid

Indulge in a cocktail guaranteed to stir your senses.  This blissful soak starts with a bubbly shampoo and a squeeze of fresh lemon, followed with refreshing sparkling water rinse.  This moisture-rich rescue is complete with a healthy dose of strengthening conditioner.    $30

Hey Sugar, Sugar

Hey Sugar, Sugar

Fall head over heels "in scrub" with this calorie-free sugar concoction.  Ask your stylist to upgrade your Wash House experience with this 
guilt-free indulgence that invigorates the scalp and improves circulation.  $35

Skinny Dip

Slip into smooth and get the perfect prep for a lustrous silky blowout.  A fresh apple fragrance rejuvenates, while Super Skinny
Complex tames frizz and smoothes even the most unruly locks into submission.  $30

Inner Strength

Repair, rebuild, replenish.  Make your hair buff and beautiful from the inside out with our exclusive Super Strong Complex.  It's the perfect strengthening service after lightening or relaxing the hair.  $30
All about Hue

Get bold and brilliant with flower power.  Sunflower extract provides a natural sunscreen that charges up your hair and extends it's life while also increasing strength and elasticity.  What a bright idea!  $35
Thirst Quencher

Soak up some serious hydration with this thirst-quenching cocktail.  Moisture rich nutrients repair from the inside out - leaving locks revitalized, manageable, and super shiny.  $35
Serious Detox

Give your hair a break from the daily grind.  Heat styling, chemicals, and environmental pollution put stress on your tresses.  Revive overworked locks with our special detox blend.  Provides deep cleansing to rid hair of dulling, heavy impurities and build up.  $35
Bling On Blonde

Banish brassiness and give your blonde some bold, beautiful bling!  If your blonde, white or grey hair could use some brightening, this is the ideal treat for you.  The finest ingredients help refresh and renew your color with sparkle and shine.  $25